Foot stone grown into a large maple tree. Old Acworth Cemetery, Nye Road, Acworth, NH

Foot stone grown into a large maple tree. Old Acworth Cemetery, Nye Road, Acworth, NH


MESSAGE FROM TSLoD CREATOR,                        Gail Golec

I love historic cemeteries... yes, I love them. Everything about them. And yes, its a weird past time to be sure. But its who I am - certifiable Cemetery Nerd. Friends and family have come to terms with it though do require occasional therapy!

I'm a New Englander born and raised and grew up toodling around backroads, observing the remains and ruins of the past: stonewalls, abandoned house foundations and of course, old cemeteries. And so began my love of history which influenced my career choice - a professional archaeologist of almost 20 years.

I still drive the backroads, for work and for fun and visit every historic cemetery I find. And I got into this silly habit, when I found a gravestone that I liked for some reason (i.e. interesting name, unique design, or even just made out of a different kind of stone) I'd go home and research the person in that grave. These were always regular people - no one famous, no one I'd ever heard of but the amount of information I found about them and the stories that came out of all the rabbit holes I followed were without exception, fascinating.

They pull you in, these lives of regular people, at the whim and fancy of powerful elements beyond their control. Its the regular people who did the work to build all those stonewalls and house foundations that intrigued me as a kid; they did the living and the dying that created the modern world around us - (good or bad).

When I walk through these old cemeteries, it humbles me to know that likely, no one ever thinks of these people anymore. Families die out, subsequent generations move away and those buried have since been forgotten. Its cruel to be forgotten. And so I use this podcast as a vehicle of remembrance and reverence for those who came before. The regular people. Each and every one has a story.



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