Episode 2: Graffiti

Episode 2: Graffiti Part 1 and Part 2

The Old Dodge Tavern has existed since at least 1800. In a building with that much history, you are bound to find more than a couple of good stories ... and even a gravestone (how fortuitous)!  Come visit the Tavern along with me, while my good friend and all around smarty-pants on all things historic/New Englandy, Matt Labbe, as he helps me put together the history of the house based on the architecture and archaeology. Best of all, see the house through the eyes of my mother-in-law, who grew up here and whose family has lived here since 1908. Oh yeah, and we'll find out who that gravestone in the basement belongs to....

Audio-Only Version: Episode 2: Graffiti

Audio-Visual Slideshow: Episode 2: Graffiti
The audio-visual version of the podcast is presented below in two separate 40- minute videos.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Credits and special thanks for this episode:
Historical Consultant: Matt Labbe
Voice Actors: Tom Durnford, Jim Skofield, Jim Baucom, Teresa Janiszyn, Judy Northcott, Scott Northcott, Chris Northcott, Kate Northcott, David Northcott and Matt                                             Northcott
Original Musical Score: Jennifer Vannell and Gail Golec
Musical Performances: Percussion, Jennifer Vannell @ Denver Percussion, Denver CO, www.denverpercussion.com (720) 219-9758; Guitar, Jennifer Vannell @ Badger                                         Studios, Denver, CO; Ukulele, Gail Golec
Graphics: Jan Kobeski, Labyrinth Communications, Walpole, NH
Thanks: Mark Piepkorn @ Stage 33 Live www.stage33live.com