Open for business!

Welcome to the NEWS page for TSLoD! The latest news is that, hey, my website is finally done and you can find this podcast I've been blathering on about for a year!

Episode 1: Epidemic, is up and running, complete with annotated photos. Episode 2: Graffiti and Episode 3: Captive, are currently in post-production, which is just fancy insider lingo that means "I've gotten most of the crap done but need to find 15 hours to finish editing the blasted thing". They are coming soon but I do have the synopses and some photos for each to give you a taste.

As for this page: my plan is to use this page to post a selection of  "Q & A's" or "FAQ's" type forum. This is assuming people will have questions or comments, let alone that they might be frequent. Never hurts to be prepared, right?

So check back and see what puts the NEW in NEWS! Also, will be getting that social media up and running as well. 


TSLoD Staff
(aka: just Gail)