Episode 3: Relief is coming!!!!!!

After a very long wait (sorry for that…life gets in the way sometimes, dunnit?) Episode 3: Relief is going to be released during the week of August 26 - 30!

Last summer, I was invited to go and take a look at some cemeteries in Halifax, VT. I went and I was blown away. Halifax boasts some eighteen (yes, 1…8) cemeteries in one little town. I became very interested in that point - why so many cemeteries? The answer to that led me down the ‘ole research rabbit hole, leaving me with so much information to share, I had to stop and tease it all apart. It ultimately fell into one of three categories regarding cemetery history in New England: why do we find cemeteries where we do; what is the meaning behind all of the designs and decoration we find on gravestones of a certain era; and what is the reason for all the bizarre and frankly outrageous names people used to have back in the day? So there I had it, the subjects of my three upcoming podcasts.

The first to be released deals with historic names, Episode 3: RELIEF. It is inspired by the life of Relief Clews Wilcox Towne, whose gravestone is found in Halifax. In fact, all three of these upcoming episodes with feature this woman and her gravestone to help highlight the topics of cemetery location, art on gravestones and the history behind a name such as Relief.

I will post updates throughout the week so stay tuned!!!!!