Episode 1: Epidemic

Episode 1: Epidemic
At the turn of the 19th century, the town of Acworth, NH was a microcosm of the rapid social, economic and environmental changes that were barreling through interior New England. In early 1812  Acworth endured a devastating "Spotted Fever" epidemic, an unintended consequence of the increased population density and mobility.  This episode walks you through the impact of the epidemic via the the lives of two Acworth families, the Grears and the McCollums...and so, let us begin...at the end...

Credits and special thanks for this episode:
Voice Actors: Sarah Manning and Mark Piepkorn
Musical Performance: Gail Golec/ukulele; John Janiszyn/ harmonica
Sound Equipment, Studio Space, Promotion and Airing: Black Sheep Radio, WOOL-FM 91.5 , Bellows Falls, VT