Episode 3: Relief

IT. IS. HERE!!!! August 28, 2019
Old New England cemeteries showcase history, art and let’s face it, some really weird names. Deliverance, Jaazaniah, Mindwell and Relief. Why? What do they mean? Where do they come from? Come with me and my friend Kate to Halifax, VT, where explore the answers to those questions and more, through the analysis of a very unique gravestone belonging to Mrs. Relief Clews Wilcox Towne.

Episode 3: Relief
What the grave of Relief Clews Wilcox Town tells us about an individual, a community and a place in time.

Gravestone Name Gallery

Examples of some of the names and others of those genres, discussed in Episode 3: Relief. All photos are the property of TSLoD.

Special Thanks for this Episode:
Voice Work/Interview: Kate Butt
Historical References/Tour of and Invitation to Halifax, VT: Elizabeth Smith
Musical Performance and Arrangement:
Guitar, bass and ukulele: Jenn Vannell and Badger Studios
Ukulele: Gail Golec